Norwegian Star,3/2/11 Puerto Vallarta

Upon arrival at Puerto Vallarta, it was cloudy, foggy and looking like rain. We weren't sure we really wanted to go out in it. So, breakfast in the room, while watching the Disney Wonder pull in alongside us.

Fortunately, within an hour or so it started burning off. By the time morning trivia was done (by the way, we finally won a trivia, as only two teams showed up), it was completely sunny and warm (if a tad humid), so we headed down the gangplank, got a van to take us to the Malecon, and did a little shopping. Also watched the Palantla flyers. Sat in a cafe, had a cold drink and watched the tourists. Oh, and got the refrigerator magnet, of course.

After an hour or so, we headed back to the ship. Up to the buffet for a little lunch. Patrick the concierge tracked me down and told me the Guest Services Manager was looking for me. We went back to the room to let Steve rest up a little, and I went and met with them, as reported yesterday.

We then headed down to the Folklorico show in the main lounge. The dancing doesn't really excite me, but I do love the music, and the costumes were great. After the show it was time to sail away. Went up to the pool, had a little snack and listened to the band there until Bingo. Didn't win, again. Bingo has not been good to me this week. But there's always tomorrow.

The afternoon trivia, unlike the morning, was completely packed. Had to sit in the back of the room, where the thru traffic combined with Henry's Filipino accent made it quite an adventure. We still missed winning by only one point, so I am declaring it a moral victory.

By this time, mom and Steve were completely shot (those lousy sidewalks, foot tall curbs and cobblestone streets in PV are tough for slow walkers and wheelers both). So they opted for room service for dinner. I decided to take this opportunity to dine at Cagney's (good beef is completely wasted on those two).

Started with the salmon appetizer. LIke the Fatoush with lamb chops on the lunch menu, this "starter" would be a meal most places. A serious chunk of smoked salmon, warmed and served with toasted brioche. Excellent. Then the Lobster Bisque. a tad saltier than I remember. And for the main course, an 18 oz T-Bone, with creamed spinach and fries. The filet side of the t-bone was so tender just a fork practically mashed it. We are talking seriously melt in your mouth tender. The rest of it was excellent too. I know I have waxed rhapsodic before about the Cagney's Fries AND the creamed spinach. Both are simply wonderful. For dessert I went with Creme Brulee. Not bad. Not the best I have ever had, but passable. If you ever find yourself on an NCL ship, you simply have to give Cagney's a shot. That and the Moderno churrascaria if it's available. They are both "don't miss" experiences.

Afer dinner I got the old folks settled in for the night, and headed down to the "Battle of the Sexes" game show in the Spinnaker. Oddly, the men won. That almost never happens. I credit that, in large part, to my willingness to take my shirt off in front of several hundred strangers. The game was to make a line of clothing laying end to end across the lounge. NONE of the girls were inclined to take their shirts off for their team. So, they deserve their defeat...and the scorn of all their fellow cruisers.

And the next round, which was basically a serious group hug, wherein the men got 39 people standing on a regular double bed sheet. Yep. 39. 30. Plus 9. The weak sisters only managed 34.

After the game it was off to the Stardust for a Second City performance. They were really good. However, as a venue for sketch comedy and improv, the giant main theater sucks. The EPIC, where they perform in a little tiny comedy club, 5 feet from the audience is way better. But it is what it is, and simply by having Second City, NCL is miles ahead of the competition on entertainment.

Finally, the Dancing With The Stars thing, back in the Spinnaker. As usual, the dancing ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. The best part was the interviews in the Loser's Lounge, conducted by Jamie, the Cruise Director. She was perfect in mocking the losing contestants, without being mean. The judges, a couple from Second City, and the wardrobe guy were also hilarious.

So, by the time that was all wrapped up at midnight, the city walk in PV was catching up with me too. Off to bed.

Tomorrow is a full day at sea. Gotta bingo/trivia/slot tournament the day away.

Later, kids

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