Norwegian EPIC, 11/27/10, First Day at Sea

Norwegian EPIC - Day at Sea #1

So, up at 6ish, on to the pool deck to type up the boarding day adventures, and to let the czarina sleep. Oh, yeah, and to get my nicotine and caffeine levels up to the appropriate range.

It was a bit cloudy and cool when I got up, 8ish, and over to the buffet for a little breakfast. The buffet on the EPIC is really nicely laid out, with several omelette stations and no lines to speak of. The usual breakfast stuff. The sun finally came out, so I hung out by the rear pool for a bit, then decided to see how the casino action is. A little roulette turned $100 into $96...not bad for an hours work.

I ran into Michael, formerly on the cruise staff of the Norwegian Star, who is now the Asst Cruise Director on the EPIC, nd the Bingo Godfather. I was just planning on seing how the bingo is run, but he convinced me to stay, so I tried a round of bingo, to no avail...however I have raffle tickets, and am pretty sure I will win the free cruise.

I spent the rest of the day amazingly like I would have spent it at home, only with a 30 foot tall TV, instead of a 35 incher. As many of you know, I am a faithful member of the church of the NFL. The first game was on in the Atrium and out back at Spice/H2O. I watched the first half from O'Sheehans, whilst munching on Buffalo Wings and Fish & Chips. Good, but still not as good as the Blue Lagoon on other ships. Again, just not as hot and fresh as the Blue Lagoon, where they are cooking the food up right there. On the plus side the menu is bigger.

There was a Party Line Dance Lesson we just had to catch. In Alyona's case, to learn some new dance moves, and in my case to watch the dancers, and hang out on my bed in the Bliss Ultra Lounge. Video to follow...

Anyway, out to the back deck to catch the rest of the game, and doze in the sun, with a brief trip back to the Bliss Ultra Lounge to check out the library. One of the biggest omissions of EPIC was a library. Apparently NCL has got the message. There are now a small selection of books behind the shoe rental counter by the bowling alley, and the kid working there tells me they are in the process of putting in a real library down on Deck 5.

Between games I spent a few minutes at a roullette table, turned my $96 into $86. Back to O'Sheehans for some spinach dip and a burger. The spinach/artichoke dip was a definite improvement over what I had on the inaugural in July. Oh, and somewher in there I had a nice Lamb Curry from the buffet out back.

Anyway, down to the room to catch the end of the second game (Eagles-Bears), and get ready for the Blue Man Group. They were, of course, awesome. After the show, I tried to catch the Chargers-Colts game at O'Sheehans, with a burger. The burger was good, but the place was just too crowded, so I went home to watch the game, read a book, and rest up for the FABBA Dance Party.

That was excellent. The dancers were great, the crowd was huge, and lot's of fun. I wasn't really feeling the dance thing, at first, so I hung out nad talked to Dennis Prguda for a bit, but finally one of the dancers dragged my unwilling self out on the floor for a bit. You know I hate to disappoint the young, blonde, hot demographic, so I decided to stay and get sweated up while line dancing and doing The YMCA. After the "show" part, the music and dancing kept up for quite a while, but I finally had to sit my 49 year old self down. Chatted with some friends for a bit, then threw in the towel and headed back to the stateroom. It's hell getting old.

So, as I type this, I realize I had a pretty busy day, all in all. I thought I was just kicking back and watching football all day. But now, I see Costa Maya off the starboard side. Think I will hop off the ship for a bit, and then come back for another relaxing day...for real this time!

Hasta Manana, muchachos y muchachas!

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