NCL PhD@Sea Cruise, Last Day at Sea

So, up bright and early for some more classes. Mostly inside stuff, pretty boring, but a lot about the new Norwegian Epic, NCL's new ship. Enough that I will be doing a seperate post about her. After class, I ducked into Bingo long enough to NOT win the Free Cruise Raffle, then to lunch and an hour by the pool, before I had to go back for the last event...the big Graduation Ceremony...Got the certificate, and a copy of our Group Photo from earlier in the week, and a very cool USB Flash Drive, shaped like a Platinum room key. Since I just got the new Netbook, and haven't gotten around to buying a memory card, it was just about the best gift I could get, really.

So, then, up to the room for a little nap, then back for the last Bingo. Kinda funny, the last blackout game - the guy who won was with this rather flamboyant young lady, with fire engine red hair, who was EVERYWHERE, singing Karaoke, dancing, doing the contests, etc. I had noticed him with her, but I never saw him say a word, or even get out of his seat for the whole week, while she was making sure everyone on board would remember her...so, guess who hit the $3000 plus jackpot? Yep...he almost smiled about it too... Afterwords I hung out listening to the piano player, cruised the casino, but couldn't bring myself to drop anymore, and then went to dinner at the Blue Lagoon...those hot wings are just addicting. Then over to the Trivia Contest which my new homegirl Maria was doing...FINALLY, I got a crappy little prize, an NCL key chain with LED light! WOO HOO!!!

I then hooked up with a group and participated in the Quest, and adult scavenger hunt type game...lot's of fun, but we came in a distant third... Then to the big final show with the Jean Ann Ryan company. They really are some of the best entertainment at seat. With a company of 16, 6 of whom are mike'd up singers (Some cruise lines are down to two, these days), a ballroom specialist couple and an aerial couple. They were all involved in this production which was basically 70's music, heavy on disco, but hitting some rock and roll stuff too, like Queen and Styx. Incredibly good production values for a cruise ship. After the show, several hundred of the staff, including all of the senior officers and cruise directors staff, as well as a goodly number of waiters, cooks, stewards, etc, came up on stage for a mutual love fest with the audience. It was nicely done, not too cheezy, and the officers hung out in the hallway afterwards, chatting up the guests. A nice ending to a good cruise.

I did check out the Toga Party, but it was kind of lame, with only DJ music, and the cruise staff was there but you could kind of tell they were ready to go home, and I can't blame them...no one should have to maintain that kind of energy 7 days a week. Anyway, I skipped out around midnight, headed down to the casino, just to say goodbye to the dealers and hostesses who were so nice to me, and then one last trip to the Blue Lagoon for one last plate of hot wings, before running upstairst to pack and go to bed. I will fill you in on the disembark, soon....stand by

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