Travel to the Nations Capital (unless your handicapped of course, then we don't want you)

You wanna hear something amazing. It seems that in Washington, D.C. (yeah, that's right, our Nations Capital), it is impossible to get a wheelchair accessible taxi from Union Station to a Marriott, two miles away. Yellow Cab has a monopoly on "in-District" taxi services. 5 years ago they got a few million dollars from Congress to acquire ramped vans for wheelchairs. But, after buying them, with YOUR money, they decided to sell them (pretty sure they didn't give that money back to YOU), and quit doing wheelchair transport.
NONE of the dozen cab companies in Virginia and Maryland, which do have ramped- or lift-vans is allowed to pick-up and drop-off a fare entirely within the District, so...17 years after Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, Americans in wheelchairs have to pay a medical transport company $90 bucks to take them on a $10 cab ride.
I found this out this morning as the limo service I have used,(which had an accessible van), decided to go out of business, effective tomorrow. I have a client taking the Amtrak to D.C. to take an escorted tour, and I just had to tell her that $45 car service is now a $90 trip....she's not real happy with me, and I don't blame her, but, seriously, I think it's about time for a Tea Party.
How is it that The Only Whorehouse in America That Can't Turn a Profit (Congress) has made such a balls-up of the only territory they directly control, and people think we should turn the banks and the auto companies and everything else over to them?

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