Carnival Splendor, 2 day Cruise to Nowhere

In 6 days, I will be boarding the Carnival Splendor, one of Carnival Cruise lines newest and biggest ships. Another of those 2 day deals for Travel Agents and Media types. This time it is not a pre-inaugural, like the Ruby Princess in November, but a WEST COAST INAUGURAL, as the Splendor is going to be home-ported in Long Beach, doing the 7-day Mexican Riviera run.

I had a chance to do a ship inspection of the Splendor last year, about a month after she debuted, and she really is a lovely ship, and different in many respects from Carnivals other ships, with more amenities, more balconies, etc. While the interior is glitzy and unmistakably Carnival, some of the features are unique.

She is far and away the nicest ship to homeport on the West Coast, for any line, which is why, I suppose, they are making such a big deal of it. Right before my cruise, from San Pedro, she will be doing another 2 day from San Francisco for Agents from the Northwest. And all the big wigs from Carnival will be there, including John Heald, their Capo di Tutti Cruise Directors.

Speaking as one who has always kind of resented that California seems to get the 2nd tier ships, compared to Florida, I am happy to see it coming. Royal Caribbean is also moving one of her newer ships here, so maybe, just maybe, the land of The Love Boat, is finally getting the respect it deserves as a cruise base.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on how it goes....

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